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Vol: 51(65) No: 3 / September 2006

Adaptive Self-Tuning Controllers Design based on Minimum Variance Strategies
Ioan Filip
Dept. of Automation and Applied Informatics, “Politehnica” University Timisoara, Bd. V. Parvan 2, 300223 Timisoara, Romania, phone: (+40) 0256-403238, e-mail: ioan.filip@aut.upt.ro, web: http://www.aut.upt.ro/~ifilip/

Keywords: self-tuning control, minimum variance control strategies, parameters estimator, control system stability.

This paper describes two particular cases of the generalized minimum variance control strategy, usable for an adaptive self-tuning controllers design. The first strategy assures a compensation of output error (and a minimized control variance), and the second contains (additionally) a compensation mechanism of the reference value. Both approached control strategies have as result the synthesis of specific control law embedded in a self-tuning controller. A comparative study is performed concerning the stability of both control systems.

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