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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 4(4) No. 1 / March 1994       
  1. Design and Analysis of Temporal Logic Specifications of Distributed Systems Communication Protocols, p. 1
    Anatol Ursu, Victor Besliu, Sergiu Zaporojan, Vladislav Dubenetsky
  2. Validation of the Express Transfer Protocol (XTP) by Observation of Simulations of the Estelle Specification, p. 11
    Octavian Catrina
  3. Communication Protocol for Interconnection, p. 21
    Dan Buzuloiu, Dumitru Popescu
  4. A Simulation Model for the Operation and Maintenance Functionality in ATM Switches, p. 31
    Alexa Doboli, Jonas Hallberg, Petru Eles
  5. Design and Implement a Multi-User Interface Toolkit, p. 41
    Carmen Musatescu Badica
  6. Design Manager for a Multimedia Conferencing System, p. 48
    Edward Chan, T. Y. Liang, Jim M. Nge, C. S. Yu
  7. An Environment for the Parallel Programming Language and its Implementation, p. 56
    Petru Eles
  8. Evolutions of Data Structures Theory Inside Parallel Computation Models, p. 67
    Duimitru Burdescu, Mihai Mocanu
  9. Dataflow Semantics in NPL, p. 77
    Eneia Todoran
  10. Proposed Structure for an ACTP System for UNIX, p. 86
    Kai-Mikaiel Jaa-Aro, Assar Westerlund
  11. A Decentralized Scheduler: an Object-Oriented Approach, p. 93
    Cristian D. Ionitoiu
  12. Dynamic Routing on Obsolete Traffic Information, p. 103
    Milan Tuba
  13. Security Issues in Distributed Computing Systems, p. 111
    Sergiu Dascalu, Arun R. Sathnur
  14. Security Services for Cryptographic Data Protection in Distributed Systems, p. 121
    Victor-Valeriu Patriciu
  15. Security Solutions for E-mail Transmissions in Computer Networks, p. 131
    Victor-Valeriu Patriciu
  16. Geophysical Inversion Problem and Tomographic Parallel Algorithms, p. 140
    Dusan Tosic
  17. On the Divide and Conquer Algorithm for Solving Tridiagonal Systems, p. 149
    Bogdan Dumitrescu
  18. Simulator of Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithms, p. 155
    Daniel Grosu, Dan Grigoras
  19. A Model of Functional Distributed Architectures with Local Programmability, p. 163
    Sergiu Aporojan, Anatol Ursu
  20. Systolic Fault-Tolerant Correlator Design, p. 173
    Vladimir Golovko, Vitalij Gladyschuk, Gennady Muravjov, Leonid Machnist
  21. A Solution for Implementing a Reconfigurable Parallel System by Modifying the Interconnection Network, p. 181
    Mircea Popa
  22. The Decrease of the Blocking Probability of a Connection in a Multistage Interconnection Network, p. 190
    Mircea Popa


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