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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 50(64) No. 1 / March 2005       
  1. Robust Servo-System Design Based on Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control with Active Disturbance Estimator, p. 5
    Boban Veselic, Cedomir Milosavljevic, Darko Mitic
  2. Applications of Iterative Feedback Tuning in PI and PID Controller Design, p. 11
    Corina Ardelean, Axel Graeser, Miroslav Mihajlov, Radu-Emil Precup
  3. Sliding Mode Based Model Reference Control for a Micromanipulator, p. 17
    Peter Korondi
  4. Improving Disturbance Rejection by Means of a Double Parameterization of the Symmetrical Optimum Method, p. 25
    Zsuzsa Preitl
  5. Inverse Control Based on Neural Networks, p. 35
    Octavian Prostean, Ioan Filip, Cristian Vasar, Iosif Szeidert
  6. On the Control Problem in a Hybrid Systems Class, p. 41
    Virginia Ecaterina Oltean
  7. Peak Power Optimization Based on Nonlinear Prediction and Fuzzy Logic, p. 47
    Zoran Jovanovic, Bratislav Dankovic, Dragan Antic
  8. Visualization Techniques for Models Using OpenGL, p. 51
    G. Cristian Savii
  9. Advanced Developments in Standard Selection of Objects within a Wood Construction CAD System, p. 55
    G. Cristian Savii
  10. The State of the Art in Using Genetic Algorithms for Assembly Line Balancing, p. 59
    Octav Brudaru, Cintia Copaceanu


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