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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 51(65) No. 2 / June 2006         
  1. State Estimation of a Wastewater Treatment Process Using a Sliding-Mode Observer, p. 5
    Marian Barbu, Sergiu Caraman
  2. About Distributed Transactions across Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database Server, p. 11
    Ioan Filip
  3. Performance Analysis of Point Features using Image Sequences with Controlled Motion, p. 15
    Adrian Burlacu, Corneliu Lazar
  4. Fuzzy Control of Micro Hydro Power Plant, p. 21
    Dimitar Lakov, Stanislav Vasilev
  5. Object Identification in Color Images by Neural Network Classifiers, p. 29
    Octavian Pastravanu, Mihaela-Hanako Matcovschi
  6. On the Generalized Friction Dynamic Systems Identification by Distributions, p. 35
    Constantin Marin, Anca Petrisor, Virginia Finca
  7. Data-based Modeling Approaches Applied to a Nonlinear Subsystem of an Air Intake Manifold, p. 43
    J. G. Linden, N. Meyer, B. Vinsonneau, K. J. Burnham
  8. Mathematical Model of the Arterial Baroreceptor. Application for the Arterial Baroreflex Prosthesis, p. 49
    Ionela Iancu, Eugen Iancu
  9. Smooth Switching Function with Adaptive Gain in Sliding Mode Observer-Controller to Robotic Manipulators Control, p. 55
    Adrian Filipescu, Andrei Cosor
  10. Multicriteria Optimization Software System MOLIP, p. 61
    Mariana Vassileva, Dimitar Lakov, Vassil Vassilev
  11. Application of Response Surface Method for Optimal Design of Octagonal Micro-inductors, p. 69
    Goran Stojanovic, Goran Radosavljevic, Andrea Maric, Ljiljana Zivanov
  12. Two General Untimed Petri Net Models for the Basic Components of Automatic Transport Systems with Accumulation Areas, p. 75
    Dan Ungureanu-Anghel


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