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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 58(72) No. 2 / June 2013         
  1. Vertical Ammonia Synthesis Reactor: Modeling, Simulation and Control Principles, p. 87
    A. Cioloca, R. Both, R. Festila
  2. Emulation of Highway Situations Using a Leader-Follower System, p. 93
    Amélie Chevalier, Cosmin Copot, Clara M. Ionescu, Robin De Keyser
  3. pH Control of the Residual Water in an Industrial Blunting System, p. 101
    Vlad Mureşan, Mihail Abrudean , Tiberiu Coloşi
  4. New Results in the Suitability Analysis of Using Blind Crossover Operators in Genetic Algorithms for Solving Routing Problems, p. 111
    E. Osaba, R. Carballedo, F. Diaz, E. Onieva, A. Perallos
  5. Application of Truncated Linear Sigmoid Functions in Adaptive Controllers Based on Robust Fixed Point Transformations, p. 119
    Krisztián Kósi, János F. Bitó, József K. Tar
  6. Experimental Determination of Maximum Power Points (MPPs) for Different Types of Photovoltaic Panels, p. 125
    Andrea Varga, Ervin Rácz, Péter Kádár
  7. Estimating Software Maintenance Effort by Analyzing Historical Data in a Very Small Software Company, p. 131
    Zeljko Stojanov, Dalibor Dobrilovic, Jelena Stojanov, Vesna Jevtic
  8. Requirements for Time Based Graph Structuring with Specialized and Generalized Path Choice Routing, p. 139
    Stefano-Niko Orzen
  9. Solar Energy Distance Laboratory using LabVIEW Remote Panels and Web Services, p. 149
    Pavol Bauer, Raul Ciprian Ionel
  10. Comparison of Different Control Gadgets for Jump Oriented Programming, p. 157
    László Erdődi
  11. Incident Response and Reporting in the Context of Cloud Computing Forensics, p. 163
    Alecsandru Pătrașcu, Victor-Valeriu Patriciu
  12. Dimension Reduction by Exploring Conditional Independences, p. 171
    Tamás Szántai, Edith Kovács
  13. Modeling Dynamic Behavior of Administrative Business Processes, p. 177
    József Tick, Andrea Tick
  14. Modeling the RF Communication in Sensor Networks by using Finite-Source Retrial Queueing System, p. 183
    Tamás Bérczes, Béla Almási, János Sztrik, Attila Kuki
  15. Information for authors, p. 190


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