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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 60(74) No. 1 / March 2015       
  1. GPU Based Implementation of Inverse Heat Conduction Problem Solver, p. 5
    Sándor Szénási, Imre Felde, István Kovács
  2. Three-level Time-Suboptimal Predictive Control of Electric Vehicles for High-Speed Manoeuvres, p. 11
    György Max, Béla Lantos
  3. Fractional Fourier Transform Application in Human-Robot Multimodal Communication Improvement, p. 21
    Csaba Szász, Éva H. Dulf
  4. Simultaneous Aircraft Nonlinear Model and Inertial Parameter Identification Based on Real Flight Data, p. 31
    Loránd Lukács, Béla Lantos
  5. Analyzing the Effect of Decomposition Algorithms on the Heterogeneous Multiprocessing Architectures in System Level Synthesis, p. 39
    Péter Arató, Dániel András Drexler, György Rácz
  6. Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Equipment’s Temperature Control Structure Design using Model Based Techniques, p. 47
    Iulia Clitan, Vlad Mureşan, Mihai Abrudean, Daniel Moga, Corneliu Lungoci
  7. Fixed Point Transformation-based Adaptive Control for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, p. 57
    György Eigner, József K. Tar, Levente Kovács
  8. Using Error-correcting Codes to Speed Up the Fuzzy Vault Bio-cryptographic Scheme Biometric Decryption Process, p. 67
    Marius-Alexandru Velciu, Alecsandru Pătraşcu, Victor Valeriu Patriciu
  9. Information for authors, p. 73


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