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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 59(73) No. 1 / June 2014         
  1. Generating Inference Rules for Semantic Analysis Using Genetic Algorithms and a Novel Chromosome Type, p. 5
    Norbert Gal, Vasile Stoicu-Tivadar
  2. GPS and IMU Based State Estimation Method for Aircraft INS Navigation, p. 9
    Loránd Lukács, Béla Lantos
  3. Modeling, Simulation and Control of the Heating Process of the Asphaltic Emulsion from an Industrial Tank, p. 17
    Vlad Mureşan, Mihail Abrudean, Tiberiu Coloşi
  4. Robust Positioning Control of Pneumatic Muscle Actuator at Different Temperatures, p. 27
    József Sárosi
  5. Store Elements LabView-based Model Design and Development for HVAC Systems Implementation in Intelligent Buildings, p. 33
    Csaba Szász
  6. Personal Profile-Based Sport Activity Risk Assessment with Reduced Computational Needs, p. 41
    Edit Tóth-Laufer
  7. Information for authors, p. 49


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