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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 48(62) No. 2 / June 2003         
  1. A Study on the Transmission of Sets of Records to the Oracle Server, p. 91
    L. Jian
  2. The Influence of Indexing on Record Reading and Writing Time in Database Tables, p. 95
    L. Jian, L. I. Jian
  3. Import/Export Solutions between Different Databases Types, p. 99
    I. Filip
  4. Development of the Software Support for Organ Transplant Management, p. 104
    C. Muntean, A. Kigyosi, M. Focsa
  5. Stage and Perspective for Introducing Computers in Primary Healthcare, p. 109
    D. Berian
  6. Analyze of a Chaotic Behaviour via Period-Doubling at the Current-mode Controlled Boost Converter, p. 113
    Florin Dragan, D. Iercan
  7. Implementation of OFL Modifiers Assertions, p. 117
    D. Pescaru
  8. Using Propagation of Requirements for Semantic Composition of Components, p. 123
    Ioana Sora


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