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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 61(75) No. 1 / March 2016       
  1. Impacts of Business Applications’ GUI Development Changes on University Education, p. 5
    Attila Selmeci, Tamás Orosz
  2. Compositional Distributional Semantics Using a Graph Digital Signal Processing Method, p. 15
    Mircea Trifan, Bogdan Ionescu, Cristian Gadea, Dan Ionescu
  3. A New Sensor Array System and Methods for the Measurement of 3D Body and Parts Movements, p. 21
    Shahidul Islam, Cristian Gadea, Bogdan Ionesu, Dan Ionescu
  4. Provenance Based Runtime Manipulation and Dynamic Execution Framework for Scientific Workflows, p. 27
    Eszter Kail, Anna Bánáti, Péter Kacsuk, Miklós Kozlovszky
  5. Supporting Health Smart System Applications in Scientific Gateway Environment, p. 35
    Krisztian Karoczkai, Miklos Kozlovszky, Peter Kacsuk
  6. Optimized Automated Anomalies Detection in Cloud Computing Infrastructures, p. 43
    Alecsandru Patrascu, Marius-Alexandru Velciu, Victor Valeriu Patriciu, Stefan Popa
  7. Using Error-correcting Codes to Speed Up the Fuzzy Vault Bio-cryptographic Scheme Biometric Decryption Process, p. 51
    Marius-Alexandru Velciu, Alecsandru Patrascu, Victor Valeriu Patriciu
  8. The Common Ontology for Service Infrastructure Development over Cooperative Domains - The Foundation of Architectural Design, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering Data Repository Model, p. 57
    Ana Perisic, Marko Lazic, Branko Perišic
  9. Site-General Indoor Loss Propagation Model Adjustment for 868 MHz RF Modules, p. 65
    Dalibor Dobrilovic, Borislav Odadzic, Zeljko Stojanov
  10. A Brief Review of Recent Advances in Multi-View Computer Vision, p. 73
    Gabor Kertesz , Zoltan Vamossy
  11. Predictive Distributed Formation Control for Swarm Robots Using Mobile Agents, p. 79
    Claudiu Radu Pozna, Erno Horvath
  12. Abstraction of the Laser Scanner Measurements for Mobile Robot Navigation, p. 83
    Oikawa Ryotaro, Munehiro Takimoto, Yasushi Kambayashi
  13. Information for authors, p. 91


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