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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 54(68) No. 4 / December 2009  
  1. Systems Modeling Based on Orthogonal Rational Functions, p. 149
    Bratislav Danković, Dragan Antić, Zoran Jovanović, Saša Nikolić, Marko Milojković
  2. Multiobjective Genetic Programming with Insular Evolution and Adaptive Migration, p. 155
    Lavinia Ferariu, Alina Patelli
  3. Square Wave Generator with DC Control for High-field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometers (FAIMS), p. 163
    C. Feştilă, E. H. Dulf, R. Cordos
  4. Design and Validation of an Advanced Method for Automatic Passenger Counting on Highly Utilized Trams, p. 169
    Roland L. Kovács, László Nádai, Gábor Zsolt Horváth
  5. Extending Fuzzy Q-learning with Fuzzy Rule Interpolation Method “FIVE”, p. 173
    Dávid Vincze, Szilveszter Kovács
  6. Polytopic Model Reconstruction of a Pneumatic Positioning System, p. 179
    Patricia Gróf, Béla Takarics, Zoltán Petres, János Gyeviki
  7. Mechanical Properties Prediction of Thermoplastic Composites using Fuzzy Models, p. 185
    Z. C. Johanyák, A. M. Ádámné
  8. A Search and Collect Algorithm for a Robot Swarm Under the Constraint of Multi-hop Communication Connectivity, p. 191
    T. Kovács, A. Pásztor, Z. Istenes


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