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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 48(62) No. 1 / March 2003       
  1. Implementation of Serial Communication in Digital Control System Applications with Programmable Logic Controllers, p. 5
    O. Moldovan
  2. Telephone Interface for Home Automation Systems, p. 11
    T. Ionica, C. Balint
  3. Home Automation Development Platform, p. 15
    T. Ionica, I. Ardelian
  4. Analogical versus Logical Keypad Interfaces for Microcontrollers Ports, p. 19
    A. D. Potorac
  5. Basic Aspects on Genetic Programming and a Possibility of Implementation in Matlab, p. 23
    E. Vladu
  6. Pseudo-Genetic Algorithm for Thermal Image Deconvolution, p. 29
    M. Vladutiu, M. Marcu
  7. A Parallel Algorithm for Neural Networks, p. 35
    S. Babii, V. Cretu
  8. Towards a Cognitive Model Based on Statistical Information, p. 40
    M. Crisan
  9. A Multi Agent System for Travel Agencies, p. 46
    C. Turcu
  10. Initiating Remote Control Sessions on Computers behind NAT, p. 52
    G. C. Savii
  11. Modeling Resource Allocations Techniques for GPRS/EGPRS Networks, p. 56
    D. Todinca
  12. Neural Mechanisms of Learning and Control in Mobile Robotic Systems, p. 62
    M. Dragoicea, I. Dumitrache
  13. Computer Aided Design of Two-Degree-Of-Freedom (2DF) Controllers, p. 70
    Zs. Preitl, T. Levendovszky
  14. Control System of Water Supply with Variable Speed Electrical Drives, p. 76
    N. Muntean, C. Volosencu
  15. Classical and Modern Multivariable Control Designing Methods of the Three Tank System, p. 80
    L. Kovacs
  16. Implementation of a Secure Chaotic Based Encryption Technique, p. 86
    D. Curiac, I. Filip, A. Doboli


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