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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 56(70) No. 3 / September 2011
  1. An Approach for Generating Synthesizable VHDL Code from Data Flow Graphs, p. 87
    Philip I. Necsulescu, Voicu Groza
  2. The Decision Rules Synthesis Based on Similarity Relation, p. 97
    Vladimir Brtka, Eleonora Brtka, Visnja Ognjenovic, Ivana Berkovic
  3. Virtual Programming in SAP Technologies, p. 105
    M. Osaci, A. D. Berdie, G.Prostean, A. D. Cristea
  4. JSBSim Applications to UAV Flight Dynamics Models, p. 109
    Eusebiu Marcu
  5. Monitoring and Remote Control of the 13C Separation Column , p. 115
    Adrian Olimpiu Neaga, Clement Festila, Eva Henrietta Dulf, Roxana Both, Tibor Szelitzky, Mihai Gligan
  6. Integration of Virtual and Hands-on-Laboratory Experience in Learning of Filtering Concepts, p. 121
    Radojka Krneta, Đorđe Damnjanović, Danijela Milošević
  7. Information for authors, p. 127


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