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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 59(73) No. 2 / December 2014  
  1. Modern Technologies for Improving Interoperability in Health Information Systems, p. 53
    Alexandru Jurcău, Vasile Stoicu-Tivadar
  2. User Orientation Tele-Assistance Integrated Services, p. 59
    Sorin Puşcoci
  3. Contributions on Interoperability Between Healthcare Information Systems Starting from Generic Component Model and Using Standards, p. 65
    Mihaela Vida, Lăcrămioara Stoicu-Tivadar, Elena Bernad
  4. Extraction of motion features from accelerometric data in behavioural research, p. 71
    Gergö Sántha, Gyula Hermann
  5. Mobile Ubiquitous Services: A layered Reference Model in the context of Disappearing Hardware, p. 77
    Sebastian Gliţa Catina
  6. Performance Design and Criterion Analysis for Efficient Data Routing, p. 87
    Stefano-Niko Orzen
  7. Automated microaneurysm detection of digital fundus images using shape and size features, p. 93
    Petra Varsányi, Zsolt Fegyvári, Szabolcs Sergyán, Zoltán Vámossy
  8. Loop-free Decomposition in High-Level Synthesis, p. 99
    Péter Arató, Dániel András Drexler, Gábor Kocza
  9. Optimization of Enterprise Business Processes with Big Data Management, p. 105
    Tamás Orosz, István Orosz
  10. Method for Knowledge Driven Element Generation on Levels of RFLP Structure, p. 111
    László Horváth, Imre J. Rudas
  11. Data Flow Graph Generation of Nested Loops from Imperative High Level Description, p. 123
    Péter Arató, Gergely Suba
  12. Development of DSM Graphical Editor for RESTful Sensor Web Networks Modeling, p. 131
    Vladimir Vujović, Mirjana Maksimović, Branko Perišić
  13. Comparative Study on Intrusion Detection Systems using Support Vector Machines Improved with Swarm Intelligence, p. 141
    Adriana-Cristina Enache, Victor Valeriu Patriciu
  14. Regularization of the task Jacobian of the differential inverse orientation problem of serial revolute joint manipulators, p. 149
    Dániel András Drexler, István Harmati
  15. Cryptographic Applications of Biometric Methods in Cloud Storage Sharing, p. 159
    Marius-Alexandru Velciu, Alecsandru Pătrașcu, Valeriu Patriciu
  16. Attacks against Group Key Transfer Protocols based on Secret Sharing, p. 167
    Ruxandra F. Olimid
  17. Realization methods of continuous glucose monitoring systems, p. 175
    György Eigner, Levente Kovács
  18. Ranking Software Maintenance Processes in а Small Software Company in the Context of Software Process Improvement, p. 183
    Zeljko Stojanov, Vladimir Brtka, Dalibor Dobrilovic
  19. Information for authors, p. 193


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