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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 53(67) No. 4 / December 2008  
  1. Shifted Switching Plane Design for Second Order Systems with Velocity and Input Signal Constraints, p. 179
    Aleksandra Nowacka-Leverton, Andrzej Bartoszewicz
  2. Fuzzy Control of Tricycle Wheeled Mobile Robots Based on Sensitivity Analysis, p. 187
    Stefan Preitl, Radu-Emil Precup, József K. Tar, Péter Korondi, Igor Škrjanc, Sašo Blažič
  3. Polar-cut Based Fuzzy Model for Petrophysical Properties Prediction, p. 195
    Zsolt Csaba Johanyák, Szilveszter Kovács
  4. The Use of Non-integer Order Modeling in a Tracheal Simulation Study, p. 201
    Clara Ionescu, Robin De Keyser
  5. Description and Integration of Engineering Objects in Models for Lifecycle Engineering of Products, p. 209
    László Horváth, Imre J. Rudas
  6. On the Security of Some Authentication Mechanisms from Windows, p. 217
    Bogdan Groza, Andrei Alexandroni, Ioan Silea, Victor-Valeriu Patriciu
  7. A Scheduling Strategy for Flexible Job Shop Factories with Probabilistic Events, Applicable in Semiconductor Industry, p. 225
    Artur M. Kuczapski, Silviu M. Trebuian, Mihai G. Novac, Mihai V. Micea, Vladimir I. Cretu, Laurentiu A. Maniu
  8. Searching for Similar Documents using Keywords and Taxonomies in Mobile Device Environments, p. 233
    Kristóf Csorba, István Vajk


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