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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 55(69) No. 4 / December 2010  
  1. Automated Formal Verification of Graph Rewriting-Based Model Transformations, p. 175
    Márk Asztalos, Péter Ekler, László Lengyel, Tihamér Levendovszky, István Madari, Tamás Vajk
  2. GPGPU Based Acceleration of the Single Scatter Simulation Algorithm for Positron Emission Tomography, p. 185
    Ákos Szlávecz, Zoltán Puskás, Balázs Benyó
  3. Wireless Monitoring in a Safe City Using Safe Mobile Units, p. 195
    Dorel Nasui, Florentina Andra Oana, Valentin Sgarciu
  4. Retrofitting a Length Measuring Machine for Linear Scale Calibration, p. 201
    Gyula Hermann, Kálmán Tomanyiczka
  5. Dynamic High Order Neural Networks. An Application for Inter-stand Tension Modelling in a Steel Cold Mill, p. 207
    Eugen Arinton, Sergiu Caraman
  6. Optimal Moving Sliding Mode Control with Application to Electrical Servo Drive, p. 217
    Dragan Antić, Marko Milojković, Saša Nikolić, Staniša Perić
  7. Cascade Control for Telehealth Applications, p. 223
    Tamás Haidegger, Levente Kovács, Stefan Preitl, Radu-Emil Precup, Adalbert Kovács, Balázs Benyó, Zoltán Benyó
  8. Control of NXT Robot Swarm by Compass and Odometry Method Equipped by Bluetooth Communication, p. 233
    Attila Pásztor, Tamás Kovács, Zoltán Istenes
  9. Evolutionary Neural Networks with Heterogenous Hidden Neurons, p. 239
    Lavinia Ferariu, Bogdan Burlacu
  10. A Comparative Study of Various Evolutionary Algorithms and Their Combinations for Optimizing Fuzzy Rule based Inference Systems, p. 247
    Zsolt Dányádi, Krisztián Balázs, László T. Kóczy
  11. Information for authors, p. 255


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