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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 47(61) No. 2 / June 2002         
  1. An Exploration-Based Binding and Scheduling Technique for Synthesis of Digital Blocks for Mixed-Signal Applications, p. 71
    Hua Tang, Alex Doboli
  2. The CREC Reconfigurable Computer: Preliminary Findings, p. 77
    Octavian Cret, Kalman Pusztai, Cristian Vancea, Balint Szente
  3. Analyses On The Effectivness Of Using The Carry Save Adder In Multipliers Units, p. 83
    Daniela E. Popescu, Corneliu Popescu
  4. The C-testability Analyze of the SuperBlock Carry-Lookahead Adder (SBCLA), p. 87
    Daniela E. Popescu, Corneliu Popescu
  5. Understanding Value Prediction through Complex Simulations, p. 93
    Adrian Florea, Lucian N. Vintan, Dorin Sima
  6. Portable Ontology Query Language (POQL), p. 99
    Tudor Muresan, Rodica Potolea, Alin Suciu, Emilia Cimpian, Adrian Mocan, Radu Popovici, Horatiu Tarcea
  7. Neural Nets Activity From Neuroinformatics Theory Viewpoint, p. 105
    Adriana - Meda Truta, Mihai Slate
  8. Towards a Broader Information Concept Applied in Cognitive Modeling, p. 111
    M. Crisan
  9. Classification by Genetic Algorithm Optimization, p. 116
    Lucian V. Boiculese, Mihaela Moscalu
  10. Image Enhancement Using The Mean Dynamic Range Maximization With Logarithmic Operations, p. 121
    Vasile Patrascu
  11. On Modeling a Mobile Agent-Based Assessment Service, p. 127
    Mihaela Dinsoreanu, Ioan Salomie, Kalman Pusztai
  12. A LOOP Remote Method Invocation Protocol, p. 133
    Alin Suciu, Kalman Pusztai, Tudor Muresan, Rodica Potolea
  13. Mapping Quantitative Attributes for the Association Rule Problem, p. 137
    Luminita Dumitriu
  14. Implementing a Fingerprint Recognition System, p. 142
    Liviu Lucaciu, Aurel Gontean


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