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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 56(70) No. 4 / December 2011  
  1. Delay Locked Loop Clock Generator in Low Power VLSI IC Design, p. 131
    Goran S. Jovanović, Darko B. Mitić, Mile K. Stojčev, Dragan S. Antić
  2. Multivariable Predictive Control for the Secondary Processes in a Cryogenic Carbon Isotope Separation Column, p. 137
    Cristina I. Pop, Bogdan Muresan, Eva H. Dulf, Clara Ionescu, Robain De Keyser, Clement Festila
  3. Effects of Obesity: A Multivariate Analysis of Laboratory Parameters, p. 145
    Tamás Ferenci, Zsuzsanna Almássy, Adalbert Kovács, Levente Kovács
  4. Multi-Agent System Architecture Used in Traffic Control Application, p. 153
    Ioana Cobeanu, Vasile Comnac
  5. Parallel-Plate Waveguides Based on Metamaterials, with Fixed and Electronically Reconfigurable Geometry, p. 161
    Aldo De Sabata, Ladislau Matekovits
  6. Temperature Simulation of the Billets from a Furnace with Rotary Hearth, Using Taylor Series, p. 167
    V. Muresan, M. Abrudean, T. Coloşi
  7. Information for authors, p. 177


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