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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 47(61) No. 1 / March 2002       
  1. Mining Knowledge in Relational Databases, p. 1
    Cornelia Gyorodi, Stefan Holban, Robert Stefan Gyorodi, Mirela Pater
  2. Dealing with Long-Lived and Complex Transactions: the ComET Model and Development System, p. 6
    Robert Dollinger, Aurelian Hale, Cristian Madularu
  3. Different XML-based Search Techniques on Web, p. 12
    Sabin Corneliu Buraga, Mihaela Brut
  4. Modeling Relations Between Web Resources, p. 17
    Sabin Corneliu Buraga
  5. A Simulation Architecture for Real-Time Control Applications, p. 23
    Doina Zmaranda, Vladimir Cretu
  6. Requirements Driven, Architecture Specific Compositional Model, p. 29
    Ioana Sora, Yolande Berbers, Pierre Verbaeten, Vladimir Cretu
  7. Identity Confirmation System Based on CTAG and HMM, p. 35
    Robert Stefan Gyorodi, Stefan Holban, Tom Coffey, Cornelia Aurora Gyorodi
  8. Business Process Modeling in INSPIRE Using Petri Nets, p. 41
    Costin Badica, Marius Brezovan, Chris Fox
  9. Design and Implementation of a Cryptographic Tool, p. 47
    Alin Suciu, Kalman Pusztai, Cristian Ionescu
  10. Automation Of The Design Flaw Detection Process In Object-Oriented Systems, p. 53
    Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila
  11. AES Implementation Using VHDL, p. 57
    David Lazar, Horea Haitonic, Octavian Cret
  12. Transmission of Low Level Signals in the Presence of High Distortions, p. 61
    Jacek Izydorczyk, Marcin Kucharczyk
  13. Applications for Experimental Study of Hydraulic Phenomena in Hydrodynamic Circuits, p. 65
    Vladimir Cretu, Liviu E. Anton, Mihai V. Micea, Alexandru Baya, Romeo Resiga, Dan Chiciudean


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