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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 52(66) No. 4 / December 2007  
  1. An Approach Towards the Use of an Embedded Database Engine, p. 155
    Ovidiu Parvu, Ionel Jian
  2. An Experimental Approach of TCP Behavior in WLAN Networks, p. 159
    Sebastian Fuicu, Marius Marcu
  3. Deployments Metrics for Video-based Wireless Sensor Networks, p. 163
    Codruta Istin, Dan Pescaru
  4. Digital Watermarking Using Principal Component Analysis, p. 169
    Daniela Stanescu, Daniel Borca, Mircea Stratulat
  5. SoftPhone – VoIP Mobile Communication Solution, p. 173
    Iulia Klein, Bogdan Stratulat, Marius Marcu
  6. Regression Methods for Determination of a Multilayer Neural Network Architecture, p. 177
    D. Ostafe, Gheorghe-Stefan Pentiuc, Stefan Holban, Sorin Vlad
  7. Visualizing a Genetic Algorithm - Support Vector Machine Approach to Gene Microarrays Supervised Learning, p. 181
    Nicolae Teodor Melita, Stefan Holban


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