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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 53(67) No. 2 / June 2008         
  1. Independent Chaotic Attractors in the State Space of Nonlinear Systems, p. 65
    Cristina Morel, Radu Vlad, Eric Chauveau
  2. Signal Processing Issues in Networked Control Systems, p. 71
    Radu-Emil Precup, Stefan Preitl, Igor Škrjanc, Ion-Bogdan Ursache, Petru Alexandru Clep, Claudia-Adina Dragos
  3. Drives Automation of a Rotary Hearth Furnace Used in Metallurgy, p. 79
    Vlad Muresan, Mihail Abrudean
  4. Simulation of Real-Time Distributed Networked Control of Rotational Quanser Experiments using TrueTime and Matlab, p. 87
    Cosmin Ionete, Dan Selisteanu, Dorin Sendrescu, Dorin Popescu, Monica Roman, Dragos Surlea
  5. Medical Images Used in a Diagnosis System, p. 95
    Adriana Adriana Albu, Loredana Ungureanu
  6. The Colored Password – Applications of Visual Identification Methods for Financial Applications, p. 99
    Neculai Daniel Stoleru, Victor Valeriu Patriciu
  7. Knowledge Base Representation in a Grammar Induction System with Extended Conceptual Graph, p. 107
    Erika Baksa-Varga, László Kovács
  8. FOODTRACE – Food Quality Control and Traceability Framework, p. 115
    Gheorghe Sebestyen, Sergiu Nedevschi, Gavril Saplacan, Mihai Cerghizan, Nicolae Todor, Mircea Rusu


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