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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 57(71) No. 4 / December 2012  
  1. Systematic Exploration of List Theory in Theorema, p. 203
    Isabela Dramnesc, Tudor Jebelean
  2. Application of Semantic Clustering in Question Generation Engine, p. 211
    László Kovács, László Bednarik
  3. Towards Efficient Structural Mapping of Files in Data Forensics, p. 219
    Ciprian Pungila
  4. Range Image Smoothing and Viewpoint Normalized Images for Feature Based Landmark Detection, p. 227
    Viktor Kovács, Gábor Tevesz
  5. Web Based Software for Stoichiometric Models Comparison, p. 235
    Martins Mednis, Zintis Rove
  6. Effect of Layer Thicknesses on the Memory Hysteresis of MNOS Structures – Results of Computer Simulations, p. 241
    K. Z. Molnár, Zs. J. Horváth
  7. Relations Between Approximate Join Cardinalities in Random Database Queries, p. 247
    Letiţia Velcescu, Laurenţiu Vasile
  8. Business Process Reengineering Project in Local Governments with ERP, p. 253
    István Orosz, Tamás Orosz
  9. Designing and Fabrication of a Smart Museum Electronic Guide based on Low Cost 8-Bit Micro-Controller, p. 259
    Majed Rostamian, Maryam Parsa, Voicu Groza
  10. SAP Remote Communications, p. 267
    A. Selmeci, T. Orosz
  11. Information for authors, p. 275


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