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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 56(70) No. 2 / June 2011         
  1. Vehicle-Following Modeling Utilizing Fuzzy Techniques, p. 39
    T. Oprica, M. Vînătoru
  2. Improving the Sound Recording Quality of Wireless Sensors Using Automatic Gain Control Methods, p. 47
    Gábor Gosztolya, László Tóth
  3. Reconstructing a Model of Implicit Shapes from an Unorganized Point Set, p. 57
    Levente Hunyadi, István Vajk
  4. Numerical Simulation of the Temperature in a Rotary Hearth Furnace, using Taylor Series, p. 65
    Vlad Mureşan
  5. Constructing Elliptic Curves with Predefined Parameters, p. 75
    Tudor Bogdan
  6. Information for authors, p. 83


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