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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 49(63) No. 3 / September 2004
  1. A New PC Cluster Based Distributed Association Rule Mining, p. 5
    Sandor Juhasz, Ferenc Kovacs
  2. A Physical Design Methodology for Databases, p. 11
    Adi Cristina Mitea, Ionel Jian
  3. The Multimedia Interface of an Audio/Video/Smell Database System – AviSS, p. 17
    Horea Todoran
  4. Remote Database Access Control, p. 23
    Dorin Iordache
  5. Simple Model for Database Information Integrity, p. 29
    Dorin Iordache
  6. Content-Based Region Query with Relative Localization, p. 35
    Liana Stanescu, Dumitru Dan Burdescu, Anca Ion
  7. Finding the Size-Restricted Frequent Itemsets in Market Basket Data, p. 39
    Renata Ivancsy, Istvan Vajk
  8. Objectual Implementation for Relational Database in the Object - Relational Software, p. 45
    Sorin Borza, Ionel Jian
  9. Objectual Schemas and Derived Classes in the Design of Object–Relational Databases for Mechanical System, p. 51
    Sorin Borza, Ionel Jian
  10. About Object-Relational Database Implementations Using Oracle, p. 57
    Liliana Jian, Lucian Jian
  11. How are the Attribute Linguistic Domains Involved in Database Fuzzy Queries Evaluation, p. 61
    Cornelia Tudorie, Luminita Dumitriu
  12. Object-Oriented Representation of Relational Database, p. 65
    Mirela Pater, Ionel Jian
  13. An Attempt to Set the Framework of Model-Oriented Programming, p. 71
    Philippe Lahire, Didier Parigot, Carine Courbis, Pierre Crescenzo, Emanuel Tundrea
  14. A Guide to Implement Abstract Data Types in Java Programs, p. 77
    Dorin Sima
  15. Managing Software Evolution with MECASP, p. 83
    Elaine Isnard, Enrique Perez, Radu Bercaru, Alexandra Galatescu, Vladimir Florian, Laura Costea, Dan Conescu, Alexandru Stanciu
  16. Implementing a Metamodel-Based Model Transformation System, p. 89
    Tihamer Levendovszky, Laszlo Lengyel, Hassan Charaf
  17. Software Design Trade-Offs in Highly Configurable User Interface Construction, p. 95
    Tihamer Levendovszky, Laszlo Angyal, Hassan Charaf
  18. Defining Composable Components in Multi-Flow Architectures Through Structural Constraints, p. 101
    Ioana Sora
  19. The Lexicon Semantics Specification, p. 107
    Emil M. Popa
  20. Data Mining for Performance Antipatterns in Component Based Systems Using Run-Time and Static Analysis, p. 113
    Trevor Parsons, John Murphy
  21. Programming Control Structures in Active Objects Model, p. 119
    Dorian Gorgan
  22. Make-to-Order E-Commerce Supermarket System. Concepts and Software Architecture, p. 123
    Costin Badica, Dumitru Burdescu, Gabriel Vladut, Ciprian Comsa, Robert Mitrica, Mike Roberts, Lois Carter
  23. Quality and Standardization in Information Technology, p. 127
    Constantin Cosovan, Iolanda Cosovan


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