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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 57(71) No. 2 / June 2012         
  1. Control of Spark Ignition Engine Parameters via Programmable ECU, p. 63
    I. Hiticaş, D. Marin, E. Resiga, D. Iorga
  2. Probability Estimation of Defined Properties of the Real Technical Systems with Stochastic Parameters, p. 67
    Dragan Antić, Zoran Jovanović, Nikola Danković, Miodrag Spasić, Stanko Stankov
  3. Using Hand Gestures to Control a Collaborative Web-Based Environment, p. 75
    Cristian Gadea, Bogdan Ionescu, Dan Ionescu, Shahidul Islam, Bogdan Solomon
  4. Numerical Simulation of the Automatic Control System of the Residual Water Blunting Process from a Foundry, p. 83
    V. Mureşan, M. Abrudean, M. L. Ungureşan, T. Coloşi
  5. Forming Maintenance Strategy for Mechatronic Systems, p. 93
    Attila L. Bencsik, József Gáti, Gyula Kártyás
  6. Optimal and Fault Tolerant Control Strategy for Ship Stabilization, p. 101
    Catalin Bara, Mihai Cornoiu, Dumitru Popescu
  7. Heat Shock Repression by Microcontroller Smart Control, p. 109
    György Györök, Attila Sáfár
  8. Comparison of Path Tracking Flat Control and Working Point Linearization Based Set Point Control of Tumor Growth with Angiogenic Inhibition, p. 113
    Dániel András Drexler, Johanna Sápi, Annamária Szeles, István Harmati, Levente Kovács
  9. Information for authors, p. 121


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