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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 57(71) No. 3 / September 2012
  1. Development, Improvements and Validation of a PV System Simulation Model in a Micro-Grid, p. 125
    Lucian Mihet-Popa, C. Koch-Ciobotaru, F. Isleifsson, H. Bindner
  2. New Force Functions for the Force Generated by Different Fluidic Muscles, p. 135
    József Sárosi
  3. Band Structure of a Multi-Via Periodic Strip-line Surface Devised for Multiple Band Rejection Applications, p. 141
    Aldo De Sabata, Ladislau Matekovits
  4. An Improved Parallel Algorithm for Thinning Binary Images, p. 147
    Peter Tarabek
  5. Projective Dimension of Text Documents in Multidimensional Space using PART Neural Network, p. 155
    Roman Krakovsky, Igor Mokris
  6. Possible Extensions of Model for Forklift Inner Transportation Optimization, p. 163
    I. Beker, V. Jevtic, D. Dobrilovic, Z. Stojanov
  7. Mental Ontology Model for Medical Diagnosis Based on Type of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Functions, p. 171
    Hamido Fujita, Imre Rudas, Janos Fodor, Masaki Kurematsu, June Hakura
  8. A Comprehensive Approach of Multinomial Hidden Markov Models, p. 181
    Marina Cidota, Monica Dumitrescu
  9. Integrated Platform of Different ICT Tools for Support of Collaborative Policy Modeling Approach in OCOPOMO, p. 189
    Peter Bednar, Peter Butka, Marian Mach, Karol Furdik, Peter Smatana
  10. Information for authors, p. 199


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