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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 55(69) No. 3 / September 2010
  1. Extended Simulations for Convergence Stabilization of RFPT-based Adaptive Control of Underactuated Systems, p. 99
    József K. Tar, Imre J. Rudas, János F. Bitó, Stefan Preitl, Radu-Emil Precup
  2. Sensitivity - Identificability Correlation of Dynamical Systems, p. 109
    Bratislav Danković, Dragan Antić, Zoran Jovanović, Darko Mitić
  3. Formal Analysis of Incremental Code Generation in OCL Compilers, p. 117
    Tamás Vajk, Márk Asztalos, Gergely Mezei
  4. A Spatial Representation and Reasoning Approach for Breast Cancer Grading Ontology, p. 123
    A. E. Tutac, V. I. Cretu, D. Racoceanu
  5. Nature Inspired Metaheuristics for Task Scheduling in Static and Dynamic Computing Environments, p. 133
    Flavia Zamfirache, Daniela Zaharie, Ciprian Craciun
  6. Overlapped Execution of Rewriting Rules in Graph Transformation Systems, p. 143
    Tamás Mészáros, Márk Asztalos, Gergely Mezei
  7. A New Cerebral Anatomical-Based Automated Active Segmentation Method, p. 153
    Anda Sabau, Roxana Oana Teodorescu, Vladimir Ioan Cretu
  8. DQOAS Performances for Traffic Mix Delivery over LTE Networks Using a New QoS Parameter Mapping Scheme, p. 161
    V. H. Muntean, M. Otesteanu, G.-M. Muntean
  9. Information for authors, p. 171


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