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BS-UPT TACCS Volume 55(69) No. 1 / March 2010       
  1. Design and calibration of a low cost measuring probe, p. 5
    Gyula Hermann
  2. Application Componentization and component usages with Web Dynpro ABAP and Web Dynpro Java, p. 11
    Cristea Ana Daniela, Berdie Diana Adela, Osaci Mihaela
  3. Clustering of Users Behaviour in IEC Font Design, p. 17
    M. Kuzma, R. Jakša, P. Sinčák
  4. Finite State Process Models of Protocol-Based Service Coordination, p. 23
    Amelia Bădică, Costin Bădică, Elvira Popescu, Mihnea Scafeş
  5. CRISP-DM as a Framework for Discovering Knowledge in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Data, p. 31
    Z. Bošnjak, O. Grljević, S. Bošnjak
  6. Inserting Microformats into Online Learning Environments, p. 37
    Iasmina Ermalai, Mihai Onita, Muguras Mocofan, Radu Vasiu
  7. Security and performance of the webservers in the open source and the closed source operation systems, p. 43
    V. Póserné Oláh
  8. Handling Complexity and Content Related Problems at Product Modeling, p. 49
    László Horváth , Imre J. Rudas


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